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"I want a sense of community and connection with others."
results 51% needs work

Sense of Community

Description: Surveyed response to a “sense of community” question, intended to measure citizen sense of connectedness.

Results 2017: (updated August 2017) 51% of surveyed residents felt a connection to their community


Importance: Redmond strives to foster a community where residents feel connected through cultural and governmental organizations and initiatives

Target: 80% of surveyed residents feel a sense of community connectedness.

results shown on a chart

Performance measure mapping: this measure has previously been reported in Community Indicators, and within Budgeting by Priorities documentation.


New measure: results pending

Fostering a Diverse Community

Description: A measurement to reflect opportunities for equitable access to desired services for all community members

Results: New – not yet measured​​ 


Importance: Redmond’s diversity is its strength, which should be reflected in the opportunities available to all individuals who live, work, and recreate in the city.

Target: 80% consistent with the prior sense of community measure

Performance measure mapping: this is a new measure and has not yet been tracked.