Education Hill 565 Zone Improvements

Vicinity Map

Location:  Education Hill

Project Phase: Construction

Estimated Timeline: Construction began February 21, 2017 and is expected to be completed in November 2017.

Contact: Dennis Brunelle, 425-556-2723

Page Last Updated: 02/22/17

The City of Redmond’s Education Hill 565 Zone Improvements project is a water system project that will construct approximately 5,700 feet of new water line. These improvements will expand the existing 565 pressure zone to improve service pressures and fire flows in the high elevation area south of the Education Hill Reservoirs located adjacent to NE 104th Street.

These water pipeline improvements will occur along:
  • 171st Avenue NE from NE 95th Street to NE 88th Street,
  • NE 92nd Street from 169th Court NE to Nike Park,
  • NE 88th Street from 171st Avenue NE to 172nd Avenue NE,
  • 172nd Avenue NE from NE 92nd Street to NE 88th Street, and
  • 170th Avenue NE from NE 92nd Street to end of cul-de-sac.

These areas of the existing water system currently contain lower pressures and fire flows than our standards require for new neighborhoods.

The proposed pipeline project location is shown on the Vicinity Map.

Watch for an updated newsletter that will be sent out in late January 2017.