178th & 179th Avenue NE Asbestos-Concrete Pipe Replacement

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Location:  178th and 179th Avenues NE, between NE 33rd and NE 34th Streets 

Project Phase: Construction

Estimated Timeline: Construction is scheduled to begin in October 2017 and be completed in November 2017.

Contact: Joe O'Leary, 425-556-2723

Page Last Updated: 10/19/17

This project will replace two old 4-inch asbestos concrete (AC) pipe replacements in the Idylwood neighborhood. The existing pipes have broken numerous times and, in some cases, have caused local flooding that has damaged street pavement. Consequently, both 178th and 179th Ave NE contain multiple asphalt patches and uplifts. The AC pipe in the 178th and 179th cul-de-sacs will be replaced with ductile iron pipe to meet current City water standards. Replacing the water main will require a temporary disruption in household water services in order to complete these reconnections. The City will coordinate with impacted households prior to changing over water services.

A wastewater forcemain adjacent to the project waterline on 179th Ave NE will be replaced as part of the project. In order to transfer the sanitary sewer from the old AC A force main to the new ductile iron forcemain, a temporary bypass pumping system operation will be required. This bypass is anticipated to occur sometime in November, will be in place for no more than two days, and will not impact service. The bypass system is an above ground system and will be located in the street and across easement property. Some local traffic control mitigation will be needed.

Minor stormwater improvements to both cul-de-sacs are also included in the project scope of work. When all underground work is complete an asphalt overlay will be installed on both streets. 178th and 179th Asbestos Concrete Pipe Replacement Project Location