Overlake is the third largest employment center in the Puget Sound region, with about 46,000 jobs and a mix of office, commercial and residential land uses.

The neighborhood is an important hub of activity on the Eastside, with immediate access to and from SR-520 and public transit service to Downtown Redmond, Downtown Bellevue, UW and Seattle. Redmond has adopted an ambitious vision to enhance these assets by making plans to accommodate significant urban growth in the Overlake area.


Thousands of new residents and employees will enjoy a wide variety of restaurants and retail offerings, a diverse array of other amenities and services, and safe and convenient access to their jobs.

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Overlake At a glance
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Business owners choose Overlake in part because of its unparalleled proximity to the world’s biggest names in software and digital media.

  • Home to tens-of-thousands of highly-educated, highly-paid employees
  • Home to global technology and entertainment firms such as Microsoft and Nintendo.

Overlake attracts talent and families from around the world, and is the third-largest jobs center in Puget Sound, with about 46,000 jobs. The density and diversity of people in Overlake helps businesses thrive.

Over time, Overlake will continue to help meet community shopping, recreation, civic, cultural, entertainment and employment needs; provide attractive and safe places to live close to urban amenities; and be oriented towards pedestrians and bicyclists and served by local and regional bus and rail transit.

Zoning & Incentives

Zoning regulations for Overlake Village reward urban density, innovation, and sustainability. The zoning code allows multi-story mixed-use developments with an incentive program that allows applicants to reach up to 12 stories.

Zoning Incentives

* Residential and commercial FAR are calculated separately but may be added together


Overlake is a central hub on the Eastside. It is located 3 miles from Downtown Bellevue and Downtown Redmond, has convenient access to SR 520, and is served by frequent local and regional express buses.

Overlake will have two light rail stations opening in 2023 that will connect it by rail to the region. It also enjoys unparalleled proximity to world leaders in software and digital media.


Overlake Access Infographic

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